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(FEBRUARY 2007) Sina Interview

Following the success of 'The King and the Clown', the one and only Lee Junki whose popularity is sweeping across Asia is here from Korea to attend the Chinese TV show specially organized by Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and Shanghai Dragon TV. It is scheduled to be broadcast on 18th of February at 7.30pm. News of Lee Junki's appearance became a hot topic after it broke out.

On 4th of February 07, Lee Junki did an exclusive interview with Sinar where he talks about his visit to China, his rise to fame and everything all netizens would wish to know about him.

It was an explosive and exciting interview session we had that day. Although it was a short interview for only 40 minutes, but the moment Lee Junki appeared, the number of messages left by the fans was simply overwhelming, causing the server to malfunction for a while. This serves to see the degree of popularity and attractiveness of this Korean guy, Lee Junki.

Below is the actual recording for that day:

Host: A warm welcome to all netizens of Sina! The special guest we have with us today is definitely a star today, and he is no other than the one and only, Lee Junki! Welcome, Lee Junki. Please say a few words of greetings!

JK: Hello everyone, I am Lee Junki, very happy to see all of you here.

Host: To be able to look at Lee Junki at such a near distance is definitely very different from looking at the TV or silver screen. He is much better looking here with fantastic skin!

JK: Thank you

Lee Junki thank all fans, feels the warmth from Chinese fans

Host: Did you see many of your fans at the airport and hotel yesterday?

JK: I saw many of my fans yesterday, I have seen many of them before. Like the previous year, many fans came and I am very thankful to all of them!

Host: What is your main purpose for coming to Shanghai this time round, could you please explain more about it to the netizens?

JK: This time I have a TV photo shoot, so there will be a simple press conference and a fans meeting session too. I heard that many people like Lee Junki, so here I am to see them.

Host: I supposed this is the second time you have been to Shanghai. What is your impression of China and Shanghai?

JK: I always felt very surprised whenever I come to China, as I feel that China had developed herself very rapidly; there are many changes. I also felt that there are certain places which are even much better than Korea. The Chinese fans are very passionate and I always felt very close to them whenever I come here.

Host: This is your second visit to Shanghai. You have not been to Beijing yet and there are many die-hard fans of yours over there. Do you have any plans to expand your career over there?

JK: Personally I would also like to visit Beijing. However there is no official activity organized over there. If there is, I will definitely go, at the same time I would like to see all of my fans in China.

Lee Junki immersed himself in all of the roles he plays

Host: One cannot help but mentioned the movie 'The King and the Clown' in the same breath when one talks about Lee Junki. Could also say that the role you played in this movie marks the milestone of your career. On a personal note, how do you judge yourself on this movie?

JK: I feel that it is not up to me to judge or comment on the movies. If you want me to assess, well it's the same for all to me, I do not know right from the start if my works will be successful or not. What I can do is to immerse myself in my roles, act as well as I could and let the audience appraise and judge. The comments by the viewers resulted in the success of 'The King and The Clown'.

Host: In 'The King and the Clown', the role of Gong-gil you played is a rather effeminate character. Did you feel pressurized when you decide to take on this role?

JK: This is a very lucky role for me. If I had performed badly, it may evoke negative reactions from the viewers. I felt very pressurized in the beginning.

Host: Besides 'The King and the Clown', China viewers are also very familiar with 'My Girl'. This is a totally different kind of show as compared to 'The King and the Clown' . How did you prepare yourself to act out these 2 vastly different characters?

JK: The character I portray in 'My Girl' is someone who tries as much as possible to show one's own charismatic appeal. He is also someone who is very fashionable. As compared to the role of Gong-gil, this role is much simpler and easier to portray.

Host: I see that you are not wearing your signature earrings today.

JK: Actually this is according to each individual's preferences to dressing. Occasionally I do change different types of accessories. Personally I like such types of earrings, necklaces etc

Host: You tried to break through the stereotype image u had after 'The King and the Clown'. 'Fly Daddy' is a good example. How do you appraise your own performance on these 2 shows?

JK: Actually I was contracted to act in 'Fly Daddy' before 'The King and the Clown'. At that time I didn't really read the script, just felt that the storyline seems pretty fun and that the theme pretty suitable for me, hence I accepted the role. On the other hand, my co-actor is Lee Mun Shik, someone whom I admire greatly and I had always wanted to have a chance to act opposite him; to learn from him.

Host: So between this 2 works of yours, which one do you prefer?

JK: I like both of them.

Awaits the release of 'Virgin Snow'

Host: You participated in the joint production between Japan and Korea; 'Virgin Snow'. Your fans are eagerly waiting for the release of this movie. Could you tell us a bit more about this movie?

JK: This is actually a joint production between Japan and Korea. It talks about a romance between a Korean guy and a pretty Japanese girl, although there was a language barrier between these 2 parties. This movie has a feel of youth vitality in it.

Host: Besides the shows mentioned earlier that you had participated before, what other types of roles do you hope to undertake in the near future?

JK: I will not set what type of roles I will play. I belong to the 1980s, in my 20s. I wish to take on many different and challenging roles around this age group. With regards to undertaking roles in a different age group, I am not too ambitious or greedy yet, all I want is to take on a variety of roles within my age group.

Host: Do you have any favorite Chinese serials or movies although you seldom come to China?

JK: Actually I belonged to those who grew up watching Chinese idol dramas.

Host: Hongkong movies?

JK: That's right. Hence it is difficult for me to state which ones I prefer. Also I feel that I am one who is quite familiar with the Chinese culture, that China and Korea aren't too far apart; both are very close to my heart

Hopes to work together with Chen Kaige, likes and hopes to learn Chinese

Host: Do you have any Chinese directors or actors that you wished to work together with?

JK: Actually I know that there are many esteemed directors. It would be great if I could have the chance to work with each director. However if I could only choose one, I guess I would like to work with Chen Kaige. I mentioned this before last year too.

Host: Did you learn Chinese before last time?

JK: Nope, I didn't learn before. I feel that the Chinese characters are very difficult. But I feel that speaking Chinese is pretty fun, would like to try learning.

Host: I feel that Lee Junki has a natural gift for languages

JK: It�fs not that I am intelligent, but I love to imitate things I saw and liked. I went before to many countries, including China's Taiwan, Japan, etc. If I have more chances to visit China, I will try my best to learn Chinese. The next time I visit Shanghai, I will learn more Chinese words to say to everyone here.

Host: We wait with anticipation. Could Lee Junki please say, 'Have you eaten'? in Chinese please?

JK: Okay. 'Have you eaten?' The way to pronounce this is not that good, so I must make sure to pronounce this in the correct intonation.

Will not move into the music industry at the moment but concentrates on improving his own acting skills

Host: We got to know that Lee Junki is accomplished actor through 'The King and the Clown'. That he is also someone who is constantly concerned for others. However we now realize that you are able to sing and dance very well too! Have you any plans to break into the music industry as well?

JK: I am not sure if this is what many of my fans are eagerly anticipating for, but I feel that I am still young. I still have many things to learn to improve on my acting skills, so I will improve myself constantly. I am interested in performing on stage. I will wait till I am more mature and comfortable to perform for the audience and my fans on stage.

Host: Recently we see many Korea stars such as Ahn Seong Gi and Choi Si Won in 'Battle of Wits', Jeon Ji Hyun and Jung Woo Sung in 'Daisy' etc. Do you have any plans as well?

JK: Actually regardless of whether is it a Korean, Japan or China's drama, there will be many chances for both parties to work together. I am very interested to try too.

Lee Junki likes to do exercises that let him perspire a lot, unyielding towards activities that involves betting.

Host: Everyone knows that Lee Junki has many activities in Korea; and he seldom visit China. Many Chinese fans would like to know what your advancement plans in China are

JK: I am one who enjoys challenges and would like to try out new things. Since there are so many chances in China, I will definitely come here again more often. Actually my aim is not only China, but also the whole of Asia. (SINGAPORE!! SINGAPORE!!) I like the feeling of running here and there. However I know that I am not qualified to do so yet. Once I have this capability, I will take on this challenge.

Host: Let us talk about something else besides work related matters. We would like to know what types of girls does Lee Junki prefers?

JK: My preferences kept changing! It is very difficult to state what type of girls I like right now as I may change my mind again after this interview! I am not sure how to explain this but I think to me the first impression she gives me is very important.

Host: What type of exercises do you like to do?

JK: I like exercises that allow me to sweat. (Laughs) I like to work out, especially those exercises that allow me to perspire. Also, if there is a bet involved; especially if there is money involved, it would be much better. Very often I do things that involve some forms of betting, as whenever there is a bet involved, I will be very rigid. (ahh another vice kekeke)
Learns Taekwondo from Father from young, tries if possible not to use a body double

Host: we all know that Lee Junki is very skilled in taekwondo. Did you learn when you were very young?

JK: I learnt taekwondo with my father when I was very young as martial arts could strengthen my body, so I started from young, up till now

Host: There were many action scenes in 'Fly Daddy', Did you undertake those scenes yourself? Or did you use a body double?

JK: Actually unless the scenes are too dangerous that will endanger or hurt me in such a way that I will affect the filming of the entire movie or drama, I will try my best to do the scenes myself. I feel that by using a double, somehow it snatches away parts of my own acting, so I will try my best to finish the scenes myself. Regardless of whether others may think I am putting on airs, I will try not to use any body double.

Drinking and singing to de- stress

Host: For someone who faces a lot of pressure every day, what do you does when you feel stress and how do you vent your frustrations? Is it Taekwondo?

JK: I drink and I love to sing too. Firstly, I will finish up my drink to compose my emotions, and then when I am very happy I will sing to my heart's content! I like songs that have a lively tune and will sing those songs that are higher in pitch, resulting in me feeling very tired and I will perspire. In the end its all about letting me sweat it all out!

Host: Do you often faced much pressure in your life?

JK: Perhaps outsiders had always felt that I faced too much pressure, but I do not feel that way. If I am able to alleviate my burdens, pressure after it had accumulated in my self after so long, I'm still pretty happy.

Host: There are many fans here in China who likes Lee Junki, mainly because you are a single-eye lid man. Do you know what is the reason behind this?

JK: I'm not sure

Host: Many netizens said that although Lee Junki has single eye lids, yet have a pair of 'electrifying eyes.'

JK: Thank you. (laughs)

Host: On behalf of the vast netizens of Sina, I would like to request Lee Junki to wink in a flirtatious way , to show us your 'electrifying eyes'.

JK: As my eyes are pretty small, I think that people cannot see it if I try to wink flirtatiously. Perhaps it could be better if I have double eye lids!

We could only managed such a short interview with Lee Junki today, really can't bear to part with him. The last segment of today's interview is the exchanging of presents. I would like to show the present Lee Junki has prepared to the netizens of Sina; 20 personally autographed pictures of Lee Junki which I am sure that all of you will like it very much. I will only display a portion of it, as all of you can properly see, its very beautiful, a total of 5 different styles. After the interview, I will be conducting a session where all interested netizens to please leave down you real name and addresses where we will pick and give you these sets of Junki's pictures. Thank you Lee Junki for giving us such beautiful pictures of yourself.

We will also be giving Lee Junki a present from Sina. I am not sure if you had seen this before, it is a 'Chinese Knot'. This is the most unique gift from China. It represents our best wishes to you that your future will be ever bright and shinning, and do come to China more often in the future.

There is another present, very pretty, from one side it looks like a Chinese knot, on the other side it looks a bit like the mask used in 'The King and the Clown'.

JK: I am very touched by the present. Actually I am very interested in Peking Opera. Although I have not learnt it before, I feel that Peking Opera will be very useful to my acting, so I wish to have a chance to learn it.

Host: We specially brought this back from Beijing, hope that you will like it and keep it with you.

JK: Thank you! I like it very much! I will hang this at home.

Host: Thank you. Today's interview shall now come to an end, thank you Lee Junki, thank you netizens of Sina

JK: Thank you.

Host: As the Lunar New Year is fast approaching, could Lee Junki say a few words of greetings to the netizens of Sina?

JK: I wished everyone here Happy New Year! May everyone be blissful and happy!

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