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Lee Joon-ki is so cute with his shaved head for the military!


Lee Joon-ki will be entering the 5 week beginning army boot camp this day.

He has been in the movie "Grand Prix" and the drama "Faith" for which he is casted as the main character in addition invited to the 2010 Shanghai Expo as the Korean representative. He tried to post pone entering the military but the duty calls to the nation and he had to enter in May!

His entertainment company apologized that he could not finish some schedules before entering, but the dates were so quick given by the government that they could not be prolonged.

Lee said to the fans that he will do his duties to the country with all his might and enthusiasm. He wants the two years in service to be beneficial to him in getting to know more of his abilities and learning more of life as a man as well as an actor.

The fans were surprised at this quick notice and were sad to see him leave. His look with a shaved head is definitely so adorable and makes him look younger! He looks bright and enthusiastic in this new adventure.

Lee Jun-ki enters Korean military with apologies


Korean actor Lee Jun-ki entered the Korean army today, putting his acting career on hold for the next two years to fulfill his mandatory military duties.

The 28-year-old actor bid farewell to thousands of fans -- including many who flew in from overseas -- and reporters, who showed up at the Nonsan military training camp to see the star off.

With his trademark hair cut short to comply to standard military regulations, the actor appeared teary as he saluted his fans and apologized for his sudden departure and having to drop out from his prior work commitments.

"This is very sudden but I am not too overwhelmed.. I feel relieved and excited.." the actor said. "I am sorry that I made the announcement rather suddenly in regards to work and the fans."

Lee, who was notified by Korea's military services to join the army during the year, had been trying to defer his military entrance date in order to wrap up shootings for the film "Grand Prix" and blockbuster drama "Faith".

It was only last week that the actor found out he had no choice but to report to duty by May 3, and decided to pull out from both projects.

However, the actor, although "very disappointed," maintained a sense of humor about one thing. "I am going to eat everything I want when I go to the military. I was on a diet even until yesterday but now I can eat everything from Chinese noodles, Kimchi stew to hamburgers."

The actor will receive basic training at Nonsan camp for five weeks and later be assigned to a military base.

Lee, 28, debuted in 2001 as a model for fashion brand "SO BASIC" alongside actors Gang Dong-won and Kim Hee-seon.

He rose to mega-stardom after playing a woman-like clown in the 2005 hit film "The King and the Clown" and starred in many notable television dramas including "My Girl" (SBS, 2005), "Time Between Dog And Wolf" (MBC, 2007), "Iljimae" (SBS, 2008)" and most recently "Hero" (MBC, 2009).

Entries from Other Recruits


The following entries are from a new recruit....thanks to him, we learn a few things about Joon Gi in first week of training. This soldier had since been discharged from training due to his poor health.

3 May Enlistment at training centre....

To enlist when you are not very young is a little worrying...

All the while, I have lived well....although there is no regrets but I am a little lost and worried that I have to enlist immediately....
Must do well, must unconditionally do well.
With this determination, when to the enlistment centre...
Learn the news that celebrity Lee Joon Gi will also emlist on the same day
Many people know about it...
More than one thousand people..
What I was looking forward to was not the training....

But it's very strange that right from the start, elder brother Lee Joon Gi was standing diagonally across my side, after the ceremony when we broke up into small teams we were still together, even up to the last minute when we were designated our living quarters....

And so that was how I ended up sharing a room with elder brother Joon Gi.... he is 29 years old, I am 25 years old, plus another friend who is 25 years old, the rest are either born in '90 or '91.

We agreed not to take age into consideration, just take it that we are beginning a new life together as room mates....
The aroma from the mess is not bad. On the first day, we had chicken...although the lamb that was served after that was a bit too little
but there was still stuff like belly meat....

Whoa.....the internal quarters are not bad, to tell the truth, even to live along the corridors is good.

After receiving the military report, everything must be examined, when elder brother Joon Gi was being examined, the section leaders came in succession for his autographs. Even I, who was just standing there watching, also felt tired....it was like some 1000 sheets per day.

Even in the internal quarters where we are supposed to be resting, trainee soldiers will come asking for autographs, wow, it's really tiring. In the end, elder brother and a group of us jointly agreed that a few of us will act as "managers" and only those who win the "scissors, paper, stone" game will get an autograph.....ha ha ha

Joon Gi hyun looked at me and asked me how I got here, so I told him the reasons....instead he was even more angry than me and almost teared as he listened till the end of my story.... "If that was what happened, you don't have to come here if you don't want to, isn't it?" and so I smiled and said "It's OK....elder brother" then he gave me a hug... elder brother really understands me... thank you... this is really good...

Elder brother also told me his story...really it was not easy for elder brother either.

After saying many warm words, he told me "Let's train wholeheartedly!" and also gave an autograph.

Ke ke....the catholic brother went to the cathedral while I went to the church, then food was distributed... because I was not very hungry, I gave my drink to brother Joon Gi, and the remainder I gave it to the hungry children outside...

During night duty, we did everything we were supposed to do....

Although it was from 2 am(?) to 3am and no sleep during night duty, this was something that has to be done....

The most tiring thing is being unable to sleep.....me too.. same for friends of the same age. Elder brother Joon Gi seems to be sometimes sleeping, sometimes awake.

But then... it was like this... during yesterday's physical examination, due to some abnormality, I had to go to the military hospital. The medical officer asked why and how did one with arrhythmia and high blood pressure come for reporting, cannot undergo training, go back...

So I knelt down, because I did not have the money for a medical examination and that was how I came to undergo training..... go back.

Note : This trainee went back home to his parents and girlfriend

2010.5.7 A fellow trainee training together.....

It is only because elder brother Joon Gi is really very good to me that I am writing down these few words....
Thank you for the many people who found this place and giving me inspiration.
I have seen the media reports and have heard the news about elder brother Joon Gi.....however the vision of being in the same room with him seems to be something that happened yesterday.

Really, will lead the demonstration for everything and of course there will be night duty together.....

Right from the start, when we were enlisted and living together in the same room, many intersting things have happened.......plus all those things that elder brother Joon Gi said.

It is really very good. Honestly, I only knew that I enlist on the same day as Joon Gi, but I really did not know that, among so many trainee soldiers, I will be sharing the same room as Joon Gi...

Right now there should be 30 platoons, 7 mid squads and 3 small squads training in Nonsan....

There will be training again tomorrow. During training on 5 May, went to the cathedral for pizza and drinks....

Even at meal times, he is always smiling, joking with the younger trainees...hahaha.

As long as Joon Gi.. as any rest time, he becomes the target of many trainees who "attack" him for his autographs ... we were togther with Joon Gi half menacingly and half jokingly... playing "scissors, paper, stones" to get his autographs.

Everytime a trainee loses the game, he will walk away downcasted only to be called back by Joon Gi happily who will ask for the trainee's name before signing his autograph.

After Joon Gi completes his training, no matter where he is posted, I will always support him.

LOYALTY!!!! (Chungso - Korean army salute)

And ....

I apologise if anyone thinks that I have some ulterior motive for my words.
But I am purely talking about this as someone who has trained with him.. ..
I am writing this only because elder brother Joon Gi is really very good ...

Really in the same training unit?
If you are not well, how can you enlist?
Sorry to those who have been dropping notes, even those who are unwell have been enlisted..

It is purely out of gratitude that I am writing this... I hope that everyone does not misunderstand... If anyone wants me to delete this, I will delete it.

Just an ordinary person, a fan.. that's why I am here to drop a few lines.

I am just.....


Lee Jun-ki speaks to reporters and fans


Actor Lee Jun-ki speaks to reporters and fans ahead of entering the Nonsan training center in the South Chungcheong Province of South Korea on May 3, 2010. He will undergo a five-week basic training session as part of completing the country's two-year mandatory military service.

Actor Lee Jun-ki salutes fans ahead of entering the Nonsan training center in the South Chungcheong Province of South Korea on May 3, 2010. He will undergo a five-week basic training session as part of completing the country's two-year mandatory military service.

Lee Jun-ki says is looking forward to life as average man


Korean actor Lee Jun-ki has revealed his feelings about going to the military next week, saying he is "looking forward to spending time [in the military] as any average man who has to fulfill his mandatory military duties."

Lee was quoted as saying the remark in a press statement released by his agency JG Company on Thursday, the response following the decision which has forced him to drop out of film "Grand Prix" and TV series "Faith".

The actor, who started shooting "Grand Prix" with top Korean actress Kim Tae-hee earlier this month, had been trying to defer his military entrance date to fulfill his current work commitments before joining the two-year service.

But after receiving a final notice from Korea's Military Manpower Administration to join the Nonsan training camp on May 3, Lee announced two days ago that he has decided to pull out from both projects.

JG apologized that Lee was unable to finish what he had been working on.

Lee, 27, gained fame in Korea and throughout Asia after playing a woman-like clown in the 2005 hit film "The King and the Clown" and most recently portrayed a passionate magazine reporter in MBC TV series "Hero".