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{2007) Hanavi Interview

Q: The year 2006 is termed as the year of Lee Junki, winning many best newcomer and popularity awards. Which is the one you like best among these numerous awards?

JK: I am happy to win any award. (laughs). If I have to choose one award, it will have to be the most popular actor award in Daejong Awards. I am already very happy if I win an award, not to mention that “The King and the Clown” too won many awards that night, definitely a joyous occasion.

Q: What were your thoughts when you won the Best Couple Award together with Gam Woo-Sung during the 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards?

JK: Of course, that was an extremely meaningful award. (laughs)For that was an award given by the fans (awarded as a result of votes by fans). To once again be given an award together with my senior, I feel that this award is a confirmation on the excellent chemistry both of us shared during the filming

Q: Year 2006 is the year where Lee Junki created a fashion wave for wearing crosses, and this certainly had a great influence on the men.

JK: I’m not that sure about this so called “fashion wave” I have created, nor was that my intention at all. I’m just a normal person wearing a cross on my neck. However, I do feel honored that there are people discussing about this topic.

Q: On the other hand, it seems that the image “A man prettier than a woman” has been ingrained in the minds of audiences; do you think this has its negativity?

JK: It is just like this cross; it has a fixed image. I suppose what I have today is more or less due to my image. Right now, my aim is to try to change my current image. I promise I will try to come out with different types of images to meet my audiences..

Q: You had not rested within the past year, acting in dramas such as My Girl” and the movie, “Fly Daddy” after “The King and the Clown”. Is it a bid to change your current image?

JK: Yes, 50% is to try to get away from that image, another 50% is not to let. I am still a relatively new actor and there are still many things for me to learn. I cannot rest on my laurels but hope to learn new things from different roles. As an actor, I am just starting out; I am only on the starting line. I can only bring my acting skills to a greater height by taking on new roles.

Q: I heard that for the sake of the drama serial, “Time of the Dog and Wolf”, you are not able to appear in any other drama serials. What is this drama all about?

JK: The drama is about a young man who joins the underworld in a bid for revenge. This theme is what I have been waiting to do for a very long time, not to mention that I like the story plot too. Also I feel that up till today, there isn’t another similar production such as this, hence I’m really looking forward to this

Q: You are dieting for the sake of your next drama?

JK: I didn’t do it for any reason; I had to lose a bit of weight for the role; at the same time beef up my muscles so that I can portray the role of someone who is very agile.

Q: I heard before that Lee Junki would like to have short hair.

JK: Previously, I did have such an idea to cut my hair shorter. However due to my new role, I had to maintain my hairstyle. It is necessary for an actor to have changes in his image; to suit my hairstyle to a role I undertake isn’t something I have not tried before.

Q: You rap for a certain mobile phone commercial and gained recognition for it, have you thought of releasing an album?

JK: I did release 3 songs during my fan meeting; however that isn’t an actual album. Even in the near future, I will not have such an idea, to release any album for I get nervous when I stand in front of a crowd; and there isn’t much possibility for me to stand on stage and sing. I suppose I will only sing and dance for fan meeting purposes, otherwise, I will appear to my fans as an actor.

Q: Did you learn how to dance in the past?

JK:I did learn before while I was still a student learning the finer arts of acting. I feel very happy that I am able to put to use what I have learnt before. Also, I do feel that my performance is not that bad either. (laughs)

Q:In the year 2006, somehow you are always in the limelight no matter what you did, with specific mention of the Pomegranate commercial. After it was aired, sales exceed 10 billion won within a short 35 days, resulting in a new record.

JK: That was certainly amazing! I totally didn’t think that it will be so well received by the audiences. Also after that was aired, there were people imitating me , i felt so shy and i think to myself, is that how it looks? (laughs)

Q: Do you have many male fans besides female fans?

JK: It’s so embarrassing if you want me to say this out of my own mouth. I ever received letters from guys who treats me as a female, stating that I am their idea partner. However I do enjoy reading it. (laughs)

Q: Your acting is really outstanding in “My Girl”! You appeared sharing a hot and passionate kiss with a Caucasian lady

JK: Actually, that was my virgin screen kiss! (laughs) I was so nervous, resulting in numerous NGs. What you see on television is different from real life. How am I supposed to enact out a steamy passionate kiss?? It is so difficult.

Q: I see that you can run very fast in the drama serial. How long do you take to complete a 100 meters dash?

JK: Oh! I am pretty fast in real life too! About 10 seconds… (Junki’s manager said, that’s not true! That is the time taken by a Korean national sprinter)
Ok ok, I’ll say this properly. (laughs) I think it should be about 13 seconds. Anyway, I am always in the third placing when I was studying in school

Q: Seo Jung-woong is very skilled in fighting! In reality, are you an expert in fighting too?

JK: I don’t really remember as I always insist on exercising. When I was still a student, I don’t fight at all; in fact I am a very good and honest student! (laughs)

Q: In “My Girl”, Seo Jung-woong is a playboy, how about you in real life?

JK: I am definitely not a playboy, and will not. If I have a girlfriend, she is the only one I will look at. A playboy, to have 2 girlfriends and keep them away from knowing one another requires a quick-witted mind. My brain is definitely not that quick witted. (laughs)

Q: In “My Girl”, Seo Jung- woong is very steadfast in his love, in reality, how does Lee Junki treats women?

JK: It totally depends... I will use different methods , depending on the situation. I will try to create an intimate atmosphere, before I confess my feelings to her.

Q: This is really the way spoken from an expert! Have you succeed before?

JK: Yes, I have tried this before, so far, it seems my luck isn’t that bad! (laughs)

Q:In the drama “My Girl”, Seo Jung-woong once said that a woman often behaves reserved to attract men. Does Lee Junki feel the same way too?

JK: Yes, no matter what happens in any circumstances, if one is too open, i may feel disgusted with her. Hence, a person who is too open-minded is not someone I like.

Q: Your idea girl is someone who is innocent and pure, this ideal differs from someone such as Joo Yoo-rin, am I correct?

JK: Actually it isn’t such a bad idea to have someone who differs from my ideal partner. An ideal girlfriend may only exist in my mind that’s all. In reality, such a person may not exist, isn’t it?

Q: What is the most impressive scene in “My Girl”?

JK: It should be at the end, after I wished Joo Yoo-rin all the best and leaves the scene. I feel that a real man is someone who is able to leave behind the woman he loves most.

Q: You participated in the joint production between Japan and Korea, “Virgin Snow”. As compared to “The Hotel Venus”, what do you feel are the differences between them?

JK:I feel more open and am able to joke around with the director and the crew members. Well, as compared to when I just started out from “The Hotel Venus”, filming “Virgin Snow” does require a greater level of my acting skills.

Q: Did you watch any of your co-star, Aoi Miyazaki’s works before ?

JK: I didn’t really understand before the start of the filming of “Virgin Snow”. The director did show me details of the other actors and actresses. It was only much later did I watch one of her movies for the first time. Her role in “NANA” left the deepest impression on me. Although I did not like such a role, I was impressed by her astute acting. It led me to feel that she has very mature acting skills although she is still very young.

Q: Do you chat in private with her?

JK: Of course. I had many interaction scenes with her when we were filming “Virgin Snow”. If I could, I will chat with her in Japanese while she will try to speak to me in Korean. Out of a 12 hours filming, I spent 1o hours talking to her. Please do not misunderstand that we share any secret conversations. I only feel that it is much better for us to bridge any distance between us, to get to know her better. If possible, I try to tell her a few jokes too

Q: Have you ever thought of falling in love with a Japanese girl?

JK: Well, there is a possibility. Nationality is no barrier to love. I find that Japanese girls are very firm in their own ideas and thinking, yet at the same time have their quiet and gentle moments (We have quiet and gentle Singaporean girls here too you know..)

Q:I heard that you like Japanese movies and drama serials. What are you watching presently?

JK: Currently I am re-watching what I have seen before; such as “Pride”. (actually Junki did mention another but I'm unable to find out the actual name in English, my apologies)

Q: What other types of roles do you wish to try in the future?

JK: I would like to try on many roles. Actually, this is a difficult question as I’m not too sure what types of roles are more suitable for me at this moment. If it is possible, I would like to try on more challenging roles.

Q: What are your dreams for the year 2007?

JK: As an actor, I wish to advance further in my career. I will be satisfied even if I only achieve half of my success in 2006. Lastly, I wish that the people around me will be healthy.

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