2009년 7월 22일 수요일

2009 - I'm Back !!! ^^v

I'm Back !!! ^^v
2009.07.20 - 23:52 p.m.

Hello everyone, I am Jun Ki~~

The Fan Meeting in Japan has finally ended wonderfully ^^; Thanks to my Korean family who has waited and cheered for me in Korea.

During this time, although I have chances to meet with my Asian fans, but I have not have a chance to greet my Japan family for some time already. Really feeling sorry for that and hence with the urge of seeing you all soon and saying my thanks to you all, I have prepared this fan meeting.

This fan meeting is creating even more headache for me. More new ideas need to be in cooperated into this performance, and due to the local regulations, things are getting harder for me. There are a lot of restrictions, especially due to recent rise of Yen exchange rate, this has caused impact to the quality of the performance. I have really tried all I can to plan for this fan meeting.

But pity is, even good ideas need to be practical to suit the situation, therefore quite a lot of ideas has to be given up.. T T (One of the China artist also faced similar difficulties during the performance.. T T)
But the preparation in Korea is smooth as silk, right? ? ^^

During the first day of the performance, due to the delay of the band during airport immigration clearance, the fan meeting is almost going to start without a band (oh my god!!!!!) I am almost half dead with all the preparation before the show started. Need to practice through so many songs in such a short time. A sincere thank you to the band who has given all they have got for the show.

Nevertheless, although I was really tired the day before the performance. But I would like to thank my Japan family who has cheered me on endlessly since airport until the performance stage.
Because of you all, I am even more energized.

This time I have seen a totally new image of my Japan family, I am really happy about it. Finally, my Japan family can also stand up to enjoy the show and went crazy over it at the same time!!! Wow.. My Japan family which used to be the most gentle and quiet among my Asian family has finally change to a new image~~ ^^ Hahaha...
In short, after more than a month's hard work has gain me a successful performance and perfect ending, it is very meaningful to me and I am feeling very much blessed and happy.

My staffs who has fulfilled all my needs, and helping me to shine even brighter on stage, you all have work hard. Because of you all, the Lee Jun Ki on stage can shine brightly.

Thanks to Lee Jun Ki Japan family who has always embrace him with warm hearts, I love you all.

If it is my Korean family who has come all the way from Korea has made my performance a success, then I must thank you all for the never changing support. I am always keeping an eye on everyone ^^; You are all the best~

And thanks to my fans around the world who has left message through twitter to wish me luck for my performance.

As a present, I will show to you all the process of myself posing as the bear (or is it a dog??) as one of the small itinerary during the show~~ Because I have just get out of bed, so my hair is a bit mess, do pardon me for that, and do excuse me for the pajamas..
Ha ha ha...
Comparing to the rest, in order to bring over these 2 bears (or dogs??), the staffs has put in a lot of effort for that..
So, everyone is particularly opposing to this idea, it only happened because I've insisted for it. He he he...

Seems like I have mentioned it during the interview. This has become the most ignored idea during the Episode 2 proposal plans.

Thank you everyone~~
Sweet dreams~

I love you all!

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